Data collected and cookies

Dear reader

May 2018 – rules about what data websites and providers collect and use change this month. The paragraphs below, written two years ago, remain as important as ever. A slightly more copious disclaimer is on the companion Little Melton Light Railway blog, also by ‘Recreational Railways’.


This blog collects data about you, and probably places cookies on your machine. The cookie is, I learn, used to help you find this site again.

The author has used ‘wordpress’ before, and unless you’ve followed a really specific link, or contact us or leave a comment, realistically the only data I see is the ‘nationality’ of your device or computer, and that someone visited this site.

Whether any other devices or sites collects more of your data, I don’t know, as I’m not that tech savvy. All I can advise, as with most things on the internet, is be careful!

As I learn more, I will amend this page.

Kind regards

‘Recreational Railways’