0916 The ELMLR by gaslight

Harvest moon, just after close of play.

This month

  • After dusk
  • What else is out there online?


The weather in early September was so good, that one evening, the ELMLR once again laid some temporary track and the existing portable work-in-progress, and had a short running session, using a gas light and some tea light candle lanterns bought from the shop.

We also used our already owned items that were nearly identical to items spotted on the online charity shop sites: a Triang Hornby B12 in LNER green and a Hornby class 29, although ours was blue, not the green one seen online (although we have one, and a friend bought me another blue one). We also found our green Triang pannier tank, and ‘Thomas’, ‘Stepney’, Lizzie and my nephew’s 06 (we just like the 06 and it was ‘donated’ to the railway) also came out to play.

06 in BR blue arrives, passing the B12

Coaching stock was Lima mk1s in maroon (same colour as the Airfix 12 wheel diner we sold) and some Triang Thompsons (once I saw a boxed Hornby Gresley coach for sale in a charity shop, and the Thompsons are of similar construction to Triang mk1s).

The mainline shuttle was our class 142, as the class 153 ‘sat down’ on us. We can’t really adhere to our charity shop trains on the mainline, as there’s just enough room for a multiple unit train, and we’ve yet to see one for sale, although with a 37, 47 and two mk2Ds appearing online, we might create a top-n-tail multiple unit substitute, as there are between Norwich and Yarmouth.

The 06 has been repainted into 1970s BR blue, but is as yet un-numbered, and yet to have the wasp stripes added to the cab. We will probably paint these, so it will take ages, although we could buy transfers. (The 05 is a work in progress, the acrylic rail blue over yellow plastic became faded green, and we like it.)

Stepney awaits permission to back away, 142 idles in the mainline platform. Lit by a gas powered camping light.

We had two hours running in daylight, then we lit our candles and lamp (the former gave a dim glow, the latter was as if the sun turned up adjacent to the station). ‘Stepney’ and the pannier tank re-enacted a chapter from a book.

Although the evening wasn’t as much fun as the August running session, at least we found additional faults with the existing layout and certain locos, and also the tea light candle holders don’t emit enough light. All of these can be resolved.

Tea lights in lanterns – not as good as we hoped.

We packed up at 8pm, with the harvest moon rising in the east. The next day, it rained heavily, as if to say playtime is over.

But we have the pictures for the poorer weather!


This month past, among the items seen, included a Triang shunter (the 08 without outside cranks), Triang Hall (as Lord Westwood) with three mk1s, a Lima class 60 with ten Hornby MGR wagons (HAA), a Thomas set and four steel / SAA type / bolster wagons. There were also sets including a red Triang ‘Nelly’ 0-4-0 tank loco, and a fairly early Hornby class 37 on a passenger and mail working set.

This means that October should have an interesting gala! We no longer have any big coal wagons, but the 60 on a two coach train will look interesting … we have all of the above, and although the 08 is inaccurate, there is at least one 0-6-0 diesel shunter that could be modelled from it.


It’s fine the ELMLR talking about what’s out there, but we ought to buy something. We commit to acquiring a charity shop item of rolling stock within twelve months: it must comply with the idea of a light railway, and be something that we don’t have.

We also noted that some preservation societies have online shops and charitable status. This leads to a dilemma about whether the idea of our layout is to support general charities, or to include specific railway charities. The initial idea was for items that you might find in a charity shop, and so, with apologies to preservationists, we will continue this policy.

Left: Stepney and our green Triang pannier approach the station. Right: the black Triang open cab pannier sold by the shop earlier this year, one of the coaches is a Graham Farish B set coach also sold in the spring.

We were also given a few items of OO gauge accessories that the shop couldn’t sell (a few bits of assorted and incomplete plastic kits and a buffer stop), for which we made a donation. They will be useful on the winter project. Some second hand modelling magazines came our way, with some excellent work within, so we have hints from those who’ve already completed splendid working micro layouts. We have two fruit boxes, some track, rolling stock – if only we had the energy. This means we have two projects: the temporary outdoor OO and the winter project indoor micro-layout and maybe a third quick project … .


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