Motive power policy (1)

The rolling stock policy of the ELMLR is that only items bought, sold, seen or similar to items bought, sold, seen (etc) can be used on the line. This means that the ELMLR can operated items already owned without having to buy the item in a shop, and let someone else have that pleasure. There will be exceptions to that rule, mainly two Hymeks and a Lima 33 that we converted to a class 26.

For example, we had a Mainline made Warship (class 42 diesels, service dates c1958-1972)), 827 ‘Kelly’, in blue. We thought about buying it, but thankfully a customer bought it first, for which, we thank you, and hope ‘Kelly’ is a good servant to your railway.

What dissuaded us from buying ‘Kelly’ was that we already had two Warships, both made by Lima, 814 ‘Dragon’ and 838 ‘Rapid’, but when testing ‘Kelly’, we had a Warship line-up, and as there are only two full-sized ones preserved, we’re quite pleased with the shot.


Our two existing Warships were very rarely used on the various incarnations of our outdoor lines, realistically they didn’t fit in to ‘TOPS’ modern image. Both were acquired secondhand:’Rapid’ in London , ‘Dragon’ in the West Country, and both came home by rail. Here’s a shot of a much earlier outdoor layout, with ‘Dragon’ on our mainly home painted NSE stock passing Lima 31 112 in ‘Dutch’ ‘Transrail’ on a mixed cross-country / Inter City liveried summer Saturday train on our version of the Paignton branch.


Both 814 and 838 will visit the ELMLR, although they are probably too big for the classic light railway, but would be possible on preserved or heritage railways. They’ll work with the Hymeks, reflecting secondary mainlines on the Western and Southern Regions in the late 1960s.

Much as it was terrific fun to have an elevated layout outside, and it is much easier to clean the track, it takes time to build: our concept of the Light Railway will be at ground level to look like a line built to serve an agricultural area, as the line will pass by our flourishing potato patch.


Author: recreationalrailways

Just someone appreciative of the fun that can be had with miniature and model railways.

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